About us

Husan Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded on October 9th, 1969 with a vision that Thailand is a tropical country and electric fan will be needed to comfort hot weather that happens almost all year round. Husan started to manufacture 8", 10" and 12" desk fan with the technology collaboration from Japan and Taiwan. Since then, Husan has been developing various types of products under different brand name like HUSAN, YAMABISHI, ASAHI, LION which including desk fan, stand fan, oscillating fan, ventilating fan, fan for Industrial application, small fan motor, bench grinder, electric engraver and shutter motor and customized motor for specific application. At present, Husan has about 150 employees which can produce fans approximately 250,000 sets per year, motors and small fan motor at about 100,000 sets per year. Since 1988, Husan has been exporting its products to US market. With co-operation from US customer, Husan has developed various types of electric fan for use in many industry-specific such as agricultural, farming and indoor stadium ventilation. All of this fan are made to UL standard specification.

Until now, Husan has been successfully manufacturing electric fan and fractional horsepower motor for domestic Thai market, neighboring ASEAN countries, and exporting to United States of America and European countries.

Husan has been putting emphasis on Quality System since the very beginning. QCC (Quality Control Circle) has been implemented successfully since 1987 for improving productivity and quality. In 1998, ISO9000 Quality System Standard has been widely recognized and promoted in Thai Industry. Husan has been transforming in-house quality system to ISO9002 Quality System as its Quality goal. And on June 12th, 1999, Husan was certified for ISO9002 Quality System, eventually ISO9001:20015 by Intertek at present.

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